Thursday, 23 April 2009

Encouraging gambling?!

Maisie has absconded with my Horse & Hound, and is pouring over the racing pages. It would seem that since her flutter on the Grand National she's hooked. Oops... (Come on, 100-1?! How was I to know she'd actually win?!)

We're all going to London tomorrow straight after school to cheer on Charlie in the marathon. He's only just home from a rather exhaustive trip and is in no fit state to be running 26 miles at the weekend but there you go. He's aiming for under 3hrs this time. (Pricey odds on that too I think - perhaps Maisie can have another flutter...) Fabulously, big sister (mine) is also going to be in London for her annual birthday holiday - she hasn't slept in her own bed on her birthday since her 17th and is determined not to break the tradition. That was a wee while ago now..! So we're going to have lunch somewhere nice on saturday.

Damara doesn't feel like foaling yet, she's now a week past her date (not that that means much) and will probably wait until the place is quiet and she's only got Anna spying on her before she does anything.

I have joined the Twitter revolution...

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