Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back from London

... and a very nice weekend it was, too. The whole point of the trip was Charlie's second London Marathon, which he completed in under 3 1/2, but more than 3, hours. His next attempt will be Edinburgh (hooray!) on 31st May. Apparently the route is not too hilly (err...?!?...hilly city, anyone?!?) and the kids will be on summer holidays from that weekend so I'm hoping to stay for the best part of a week and catch up with some people. (Cannot get used to summer holidays starting with the first week in June! Scottish schools will be in until the last week of June.)

Damara didn't foal while we were away ... She seems to have decided not to bother - either that or she didn't trust her on-call midwife...

Work has come to a complete standstill. I'm out of ideas and motivation - I know ideas are not important but I'm annoying myself. I need some sheer bloody determination and Charlie's relentless training is using up the family's determination quota. He's running to Bray (and hopefully back) tomorrow. He puts me to shame. Adamant that he's going to do a marathon in under 3hrs this year, so will be checking online tonight to see what he can enter.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Encouraging gambling?!

Maisie has absconded with my Horse & Hound, and is pouring over the racing pages. It would seem that since her flutter on the Grand National she's hooked. Oops... (Come on, 100-1?! How was I to know she'd actually win?!)

We're all going to London tomorrow straight after school to cheer on Charlie in the marathon. He's only just home from a rather exhaustive trip and is in no fit state to be running 26 miles at the weekend but there you go. He's aiming for under 3hrs this time. (Pricey odds on that too I think - perhaps Maisie can have another flutter...) Fabulously, big sister (mine) is also going to be in London for her annual birthday holiday - she hasn't slept in her own bed on her birthday since her 17th and is determined not to break the tradition. That was a wee while ago now..! So we're going to have lunch somewhere nice on saturday.

Damara doesn't feel like foaling yet, she's now a week past her date (not that that means much) and will probably wait until the place is quiet and she's only got Anna spying on her before she does anything.

I have joined the Twitter revolution...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Greta's in season, then.



Charlie decided this morning that it'd be nice to take Alice out on Maisie's pony - why he thought this without checking with me if Greta is really up to the job (babysitting a 3 year old) is a mystery, but there you go. Away they went, Jack and bike and Iona the dog in tow, for a morning of lead rein and Alice's constant chatter.

They were away for about an hour and a half, and when they came back Alice was not on the pony. She skipped over to me and told me (in a very excited voice) "Greta show noff hers BOTTum at va STALLyon!" and then did a little impersonation of the pony prancing around.

The Grangers over by the Valley (he walks fast...) have bought a new colt and stuck him in the paddock at the side of the lane. Greta - who until now hasn't shown the slightest hint of being in season - decided to spin and prance and snort and wink shamelessly at said colt. Swear to god, Greta has never pranced before in her life! Poor Alice got a bit of a fright and decided she didn't want to ride any more, and poor Charlie was quite stumped re explaining why cutesy wootsey ickle Greta turned into a firebreathing flirtatious monster (growing four inches in the process). He did actually manage to deliver some Alice-sized sex education (well done, dear) but I think he needs to lie down now.


Monday, 6 April 2009

Blah blah blah

Right, I have a new blog. I hate how I keep doing that, but I'm sick of the other place I was (or sick of some of the people) and ... no, I have no other reason. I'm blogging here now.

The kids are on their school holidays - it's easter. (Nearly.) I'm not in a good mood; three were supposed to be going to their mother at 9am for three days of whatever they do at her house. She phoned Charlie at 11pm last night and said she couldn't take them. No reason (or at least no reason she felt like sharing, or no reason Charlie felt like passing on) just "they live with you, they can stay with you".

Jack refused to wake up this morning. Maisie is being kind and polite, which means she's up to something. I've had to forcibly remove Eloisa from the piano twice today. (Cue two tantrums.) Alasdair is being downright unpleasant to Alice. Lucie's just being Lucie...

Jenny's husband may or may not be being made redundant. He was told he was, then he was told he wasn't, then he was again, then he wouldn't be if this other guy took voluntary redundancy in his place - and the other one wants to, he just hasn't done it yet. Meanwhile they carry on from day to day not knowing if he'll really be keeping his job or not. He applied for another one and went back to work from his interview in his suit, and was hauled into the office - the boss insisted that they did want to keep him on and said he'd get the situation "sorted"...

I'm trying to get transport for the new pony sorted. I had hoped (somewhat unrealistically) that he'd be able to get here for the holidays, but no such luck. It'll be the end of this week at the earliest.

Decided against entering the Royal Welsh after all, but we are going up to the Balmoral show next month. (Lugs in the hunter breeding, Jack's doing some jumping, Maisie is going to try plaiting up for SHP, and Ellie will be in the lead rein if we get a pony. Lugs may do well, the others are just going to see what a big show looks like.)