Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Startling revelation

I realised at around 4am this morning that the near 60,000 words I have written this year (New Project) is utter shite. I've been trying to dodge round it, but really that is the reason I've been avoiding it - it's dreadful. 'No problem,' I've been telling myself, 'first drafts are always a bit rough around the edges.'

There is a world of difference between 'rough around the edges' and solid shite.

This morning I have begun the overwhelming task of rewriting from scratch. Oh, hell. I have only myself to blame.

Not going to go north to the show. Not self punishment, just horse not looking right. Gangly youngster. Going to go to Goresbridge next week instead, in search of a quick pony who will jump, not stop, and not be too strong for Jack. Have had a quick look at the catalogue; most are 14.2s but there are some 13.2s. Will only buy if decent. Will not buy on whim. Taking Lowri, to be sure.

School sports day this week. Going to rain.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Two old friends (Pat & Liz) came for a quick visit en route (sort of) to look at a couple of Connemaras. I love when my friends in the UK use me as a stop over on the way to see some horses; fab chance to catch up and talk shop.

Broached the subject of Pony Club teaching and mild desire to improve the quality of my instruction.
Liz: Sit the II! Easy. Perfectly capable.
Pat: Exams hard. Lots of jumping.
Liz: Lots of help first. Easy!
Pat: Wonderful instructor already [err, thank you] is stress of II necessary?
Liz: Is teaching high priority?
Me: ... no.

Not a priority really, just am doing it more and would like to know all is not going wrong. But PC girls and ponies are improving rapidly, which surely I have something to do with...

With bottle of wine and L&P to help, have entered NPS area 32 summer show. Will have lorry completely full:

Fin: M&M lead rein; Shetland gelding in hand; young handler
Greta: M&M novice first ridden; young handler
Mascot: M&M first ridden; Welsh A in hand; young handler
Cari: M&M novice ridden; Welsh C in hand
Scooby: M&M open ridden; Olympia qualifier (am I mad?)
Anna's pony: M&M open ridden; Olympia qualifier (not mad)

Have also entered the two yearlings and one three year old, in case those 6 can't go. Can't believe I've entered 9 ponies in one show. I must miss the NPS more than I realised. Spent a ridiculous amount in entries. Quite embarrassed. Especially since classes are bound to clash. Always do. Extraordinarily expensive day out for the whole family.

And cannot believe that I've been talked into doing an Olympia again! Jeez... It's been a wee while. Wonder if hacking jacket to match Scoobs fits me... Doubt it. On a crash diet.

Still waiting for Mara to decide to foal. She's dropped a fair bit and is quite soft now so hopefully she'll not be toooooooooo long. Bound to wait until we've gone to the Balmoral show.