Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back from London

... and a very nice weekend it was, too. The whole point of the trip was Charlie's second London Marathon, which he completed in under 3 1/2, but more than 3, hours. His next attempt will be Edinburgh (hooray!) on 31st May. Apparently the route is not too hilly (err...?!?...hilly city, anyone?!?) and the kids will be on summer holidays from that weekend so I'm hoping to stay for the best part of a week and catch up with some people. (Cannot get used to summer holidays starting with the first week in June! Scottish schools will be in until the last week of June.)

Damara didn't foal while we were away ... She seems to have decided not to bother - either that or she didn't trust her on-call midwife...

Work has come to a complete standstill. I'm out of ideas and motivation - I know ideas are not important but I'm annoying myself. I need some sheer bloody determination and Charlie's relentless training is using up the family's determination quota. He's running to Bray (and hopefully back) tomorrow. He puts me to shame. Adamant that he's going to do a marathon in under 3hrs this year, so will be checking online tonight to see what he can enter.

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