Monday, 6 April 2009

Blah blah blah

Right, I have a new blog. I hate how I keep doing that, but I'm sick of the other place I was (or sick of some of the people) and ... no, I have no other reason. I'm blogging here now.

The kids are on their school holidays - it's easter. (Nearly.) I'm not in a good mood; three were supposed to be going to their mother at 9am for three days of whatever they do at her house. She phoned Charlie at 11pm last night and said she couldn't take them. No reason (or at least no reason she felt like sharing, or no reason Charlie felt like passing on) just "they live with you, they can stay with you".

Jack refused to wake up this morning. Maisie is being kind and polite, which means she's up to something. I've had to forcibly remove Eloisa from the piano twice today. (Cue two tantrums.) Alasdair is being downright unpleasant to Alice. Lucie's just being Lucie...

Jenny's husband may or may not be being made redundant. He was told he was, then he was told he wasn't, then he was again, then he wouldn't be if this other guy took voluntary redundancy in his place - and the other one wants to, he just hasn't done it yet. Meanwhile they carry on from day to day not knowing if he'll really be keeping his job or not. He applied for another one and went back to work from his interview in his suit, and was hauled into the office - the boss insisted that they did want to keep him on and said he'd get the situation "sorted"...

I'm trying to get transport for the new pony sorted. I had hoped (somewhat unrealistically) that he'd be able to get here for the holidays, but no such luck. It'll be the end of this week at the earliest.

Decided against entering the Royal Welsh after all, but we are going up to the Balmoral show next month. (Lugs in the hunter breeding, Jack's doing some jumping, Maisie is going to try plaiting up for SHP, and Ellie will be in the lead rein if we get a pony. Lugs may do well, the others are just going to see what a big show looks like.)

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